Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Oracle Fusion Applications 101: BI & Reporting

Oracle Fusion Applications provides an extensive range of BI Reporting tools and capabilities all tightly integrated with the FA user experience (UX).

The Business Intelligence and Reporting infrastructure is delivered by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, OBIEE provides analysis tools, interactive dashboards, alerts and an enterprise reporting engine that lies at the heart of the BI and Reporting capability for FA. A number of BI products are integrated with OBIEE to deliver the FA BI and Reporting expierience:

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP) - The latest incarnation of the old XML Publisher, a pixel perfect reporting tool, providing a complete enterprise solution for authoring, managing, and delivering reports from multiple data sources (SQL, ADF-BC View Objects, XML) in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, HTML) through multiple channels (E-Mail, Print, File).

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) - A prebuild data warehouse for FA transactional data, provides the warehouse database schema and the logic that extracts data from the Oracle Fusion Applications transactional database and loads it to the warehouse; OBIEE reporting tools like Answers and Dashboards are used to query data.

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) - Allot of confusion and hype around OTBI, will dedicate my next post to it, follow me on twitter @FusionApps101.

ESSBASE"Extended Spread Sheet dataBASE", selectively used to enhance the FA reporting capability, used by Fusion Financials in the Fusion Accounting Hub application to delivery real-time analytic reporting on General Ledger Balances.

Like most things with Fusion Applications, the BI Reporting strategy and capabilities are extensive and initially somewhat bewildering. It takes time to wrap your head around Oracle's master plan for OLTP BI and Reporting, but WOW what a brave new world!

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