Thursday, 15 March 2007

UK hear I come

First and foremost I would like to apologise for not updating the blog for the past couple of month's, come to think of it, it's my first blog for 2007.

Apart from being extremely busy building a custom bolt-on OAF application for a large multinational, I have been applying to work in the United Kingdom under the government's Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP).

Well I have been accepted and am currently looking for some work before I arrive in the UK on the 1st of May, so any help would be highly appreciated ;-). I am also in the process of creating a new blog to detail my experiences living, working and playing in the UK, so check back soon for a link.

If there are any particular areas of the OAF you would like me to explore more, please drop me a comment and I will consider doing a post.

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