Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Personalization and the MDS Database Repository

All declarative User Interface components are stored either in XML files, in a format defined by MDS (Meta Data Services) Schemas, or in the MDS repository tables. When a personalization is created through the OA Personalization Framework it is added on top of the base product meta data. The personalization does not overwrite the existing base product UI and are therefore preserved during upgrades and patches. The MDS repository is supported by the JDR_UTILS PL/SQL package, used to query and maintain the repository:

SQL> set serveroutput on

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

The MDS database repository consists out of four tables:
  • JDR_PATHS: Stores documents, packages and there parent child relationship.
  • JDR_COMPONENTS – Stores document components.
  • JDR_ATTRIBUTES – Stores attributes of document components.
  • JDR_ATTRIBUTES_TRANS – Stores translated attribute values of document components.

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